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Mitchell Tenpenny teases “Good Place” off ‘This Is the Heavy’

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Columbia Nashville

Mitchell Tenpenny is teasing a new song off his upcoming album. 

Recently, the singer shared a clip of a track called “Good Place” that follows a heartbroken man after a breakup, with the lyrics stating people can blame it on him acting “too selfish” and refusing to grow up, or the other party  being jealous. Either way, he ventures to a bar to drink away his sorrows. 

“I can’t take it/But I can take another shot baby/I’m not in a good place/But I’m in this bar/So I’m in a good place for a broken heart,” he sings over a fast paced pop-country melody.

“I couldn’t be more excited about this record! So many new songs!” the Nashville native shares. “I wasn’t suppose to share anymore but f*** it here’s one more.” 

“Good Place” is featured on Mitchell’s new album, This is The Heavy, along with his current #1 hit, “Truth About You.” The album is out on Friday. 

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