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Morgan Evans sheds new light on the process of making his “Diamonds” music video

ABC/Image Group LA

ABC/Image Group LAMorgan Evans is taking fans behind the scenes of the shoot for his latest video, “Diamonds,” and offering some new fun facts about what went into making the clip. 

“We flew down to El Paso, Texas. We spent two days, and the white sands of New Mexico, it’s just this crazy expansive white sand dunes,” the singer remembers of the experience. “It kinda looks like the moon, on the video, honestly.”

He walks viewers through each stage of the filming process, explaining where he and his crew shot each portion of the video. “It’s literally the Wild, Wild West!” Morgan says. 

Aside from the jaw-dropping scenery, Morgan remembers some initial logistical difficulties about the location. 

“We had some, I guess you could call it support from the border patrol, once they found out what we were doing, shooting a music video and not trying to move any illegal substances across the border. They were very supportive,” he adds with a smirk. 

Morgan wrote “Diamonds” about his real-life love story with his wife, fellow country star Kelsea Ballerini.

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