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“Music is powerful”: Zac Brown reflects on the impact of music as “Same Boat” climbs the charts

Zac Brown Band

In a time of struggle and divisiveness, Zac Brown Band is looking to music as a way to bring people together, particularly with their song “Same Boat.”  

Looking at the current political landscape, frontman Zac Brown says he and his group wanted to use the uplifting song — which offers such lyrics as, “We could all believe what we believe/ And peacefully agree to disagree/ But you can’t judge a man/ Until you walk a country mile in his shoes” — as a symbol of unity. 

“We wanted to make something that helped to remind people of why we’re the same, when the politics and everything wants to rip our country in half,” Zac expresses. “And I don’t buy into all that. I think we’re more resilient than that, and I think that the pendulum is going to swing.” 

The Grammy winner also views music as a powerful tool to bring people from all walks of life together, serving as a healing force. 

“Music is one of those great healers…[It helps] us get through things,” Zac notes. “It’s kind of the soundtrack for our lives, so when we look back, if you think of a song that you really love and you hear it, [it] takes you right back to where you were when you first listened to it, absorbed it. So music’s powerful.” 

“Same Boat” is on track to become the group’s next #1 single, currently sitting at #3 on country radio. 

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