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No “slowing down” for Carly Pearce & Michael Ray amid COVID-19 outbreak, just “Lysol Wipes” and “elbow hits”


ABC/BMLGWith Stagecoach postponed until fall and the Houston Rodeo ending early, country music is certainly feeling the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus. 

But at least for now, newlyweds Carly Pearce and Michael Ray plan to keep working. 

“I think we’re just as apprehensive and concerned as everybody else,” Carly tells ABC Audio. “I have a mother who has a lung disorder, so I’m more concerned about her than myself. But yeah, it’s scary.”

“We don’t wanna be trapped. I mean, we’ve talked about it, and he has to remind me our life is getting on airplanes. I’m a little bit more fearful, just in life,” Carly admits.

Personally, Michael believes the answer is common sense.

“I’m like, ‘Listen, there ain’t nothin’ some alcohol and Lysol Wipes can’t fix.’ You know what I mean?” he says. “So we’re not canceling any shows. I mean, obviously, if a venue decides or people higher than us decide, that’s out of our hands. But we’re artists of the people. We love playing shows, we love connecting with our fans… You can’t live in fear.”

At the same time, Carly and Michael are thinking about those who’ve been directly impacted by COVID-19.

“Our hearts go out with anybody [whose] families have been affected or been personally affected by this,” Michael says. “And hopefully we figure it out as a whole world and we can end this crazy thing that’s going on.”

“But, yeah…we’re not slowing down anytime soon,” he adds.

“My hands are really dry from how much I’m washing ’em,” Carly interjects. “Lots of elbow hits, unless you’re Michael!”  

If you missed Carly and Michael performing together for the first time on TV, you can watch their Wednesday performance of “Finish Your Sentences” on Good Morning America online.

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