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Old Dominion backstage video shows the not so “glamorous” side of tour life

Old Dominion

Life on the road as a famous country star may sound glamorous, but Old Dominion is here to set the record straight. 

Before hopping onstage recently, the band took to Instagram to share the hilarious reality of life backstage while on tour, with a video of bass player Geoff Sprung casually clipping his nails. 

“It’s the little things, it’s the small details — people don’t see them, but they can feel them,” Geoff remarks outside the tour bus as patrons can be seen streaming into the stadium in the background. “Earlier I did my toes. You can tell a show when I’ve done my toes. A little more spry, a little more fluid,” he adds jokingly.

“It’s a glamorous lifestyle. This is how the stars do it it, right?” OD quips in the caption

The CMA Award-winning band has been keeping fans updated on all the adventures they’ve had while on the road as part of Kenny Chesney‘s stadium-sized Here and Now Tour, taking place through the end of the summer. 

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