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Catch ‘Em Up

Moriah Daniels, a local radio personality in South Florida, and her husband Scotty D, an avid fisherman and charter mate, bring their weekly fishing stories to the Catch 'Em Up podcast. From their offshore adventures to days on Lake Okeechobee, to hitting their favorite local spots these South Florida natives share their trips, tips, and tricks to help you land a variety of fish. The couple add a comical twist to their stories as their outings don’t always go as planned, and their competitive personalities make for some fun entertainment.

Latest Episodes

Who Needs A Boat!

Who needs a boat! We decided to take a more casual camping trip with the family in Sebastian, FL, hitting the dock at the camp and our go-to fishing spots in the surrounding areas, We hooked trout, snapper, snook and… pompano?

Kayak Fishing

If you think kayaking alone is challenging enough, add fishing to the mix. Scotty D managed to hook up a few fish while exploring the Tampa Bay waters, his first experience doing so on a kayak, making for a pretty comical venture.

Taggin’ Gators

It has been 8-YEARS since Scotty drew gator tags, of his own, but things are looking up for the 2023 season. As someone who has been harvesting gators for over 25 years, guided haunts in recent, we are sharing recent hunts while discussing the importance of population control, the dangers that come along with the hunt, safety measures you should take, and everything you need to know about tagging a bull. 

The Bahamas Tournament

The prestigious Bimini Wahoo Mayhem Tournament in the Bahamas is an invite only entry, Scotty D and the guys got the opportunity to fish it following several successful years of placing in local tournaments here in South Florida. What was supposed to be an epic weekend of fishing in crystal clear waters quickly took a turn with rough seas and challenging obstacles.

Inshore Fishing Stuart FL

This episode should be called “Boats and Bros” as I missed yet another slot snook opportunity while Scotty and the guys hit up Stuart, FL for some inshore fishing. Their plans for some end of season snook took a turn due to weather conditions, but still managed to hook up on some short ones, a few snappers, and salt cats that made for a very entertaining trip.   

Seatrout Fishing Florida

Sebastian, FL is known for its diverse fishing, wildlife and unspoiled beauty. Long Point Park campground is on an island in the Indian River Lagoon is near the Sebastian Inlet, a marine ecosystem and where we spent our weekend fishing for Snook, Whiting, and Seatrout. From gusty winds and dropping temps to Moriah’s PB Slot Trout and sandbar hangs made for an unpredictable venture. 

Pre-Spawn Crappie Frenzy

Scotty decided to switch things up this year and take a different approach during the pre-spawn crappie bite and boy did it pay off. In this Ep we’ll share how he’s done things in the past and what he did different to pull in so many fish, break things down in “tackle time” and why I missed all the fun while our son Lando had the best first experience at the south end of Lake Okeechobee, FL.

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Like Father, Like Son

Two back-to-back father & son fishing trips made for some good eating as Scotty and his childhood friend Bryan got their boys on Lake Okeechobee for bluegill fishing, pulling more catfish on that trip, folloed by a second trip on with our son Landon putting his baseball bubbdy TJ and his dad (coach Tim) on the fish for an epic bluegill fishing fest. 

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Camp Sebastian

We got up to Sebastian, FL for a family camping and fishing trip at Sebastian Inlet State Park, and it was a more than memorable trip. From pulling in snappers, trout, redfish and more, to experiencing the worst no see ums attack, all just days before Hurricane Ian made land fall on our gulf coast. While we didn’t get much on our coast, our friends from Pine Island across the state through Vero and Sebastian were effected.

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Snapper Fishing Florida

We’re talking the many ways to catch a verity of snapper from mangroves and muttons, land or offshore, and “tackle time” talk on what you’ll need and how to rig your rod too.

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