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Tim & Chelsea: Pink Ball

Michelle from Pink Ball joined Tim and Chelsea to talk about this weekend’s event that helps raise money for breast cancer. For more information visit

Tim & Chelsea: We need more information!

While driving into work, Tim saw a guy pushing an office chair with a microwave and he needs more information on what was actually was happening. Kenny totaled his grandma’s car on her birthday and needs Tim and Chelsea’s help to tell her.

Tim & Chelsea: Kids cursing

Chelsea’s three-year-old daughter new favorite word is a four-letter word that starts with the letter “s.”

Tim & Chelsea: Forgetting your co-workers name

While shooting a Tim vs Chelsea video, Tim called Chelsea by the wrong name! Plus, Tim had a cavity and has never been more scared which led us to ask, what’s your biggest phobia.

Tim & Chelsea: Why did you get detention in school?

Chelsea’s son had detention the other day for something that wasn’t that serious. On Forgive and Forget, Jenna hired her cousin Robby to do some work around her house. She paid him but he never did the work he was hired for.

Tim & Chelsea: Scamming your kids

Chelsea paid her son Bridge $1 to clean up his sister’s room. That’s not a typo. Plus, a man from Florida attacked another man with a hatchet over a cell phone.