Latest Episodes

102. What Was Your First Impression of Your Spouse?

Tim, Chelsea, and Producer Garrett talk about their first impressions of their spouses. Who met online, who stalked their future partner, and who couldn’t stand theirs? Find out on this…

101. Traumatic Life Experiences

Tim, Chelsea, and Producer Garrett react to the news of Tiger Woods car crash and discuss traumatic times in their lives, including a rollover accident, a frightful plane ride, and…

100. Our Worst Injuries

Tim, Chelsea, and Producer Garrett discuss their worst injuries from 3rd degree burns, broken noses, and golf clubs to the head!

99. Valentines Day

What do women really want for Valentines Day? Tim asks Chelsea, and immediately realizes she’s no help here.

98. Craig Robinson

Actor, Musician, and Comedian Craig Robinson joins Tim & Chelsea to talk about getting into comedy, his upcoming set at the Palm Beach Improv, and play a little music for…

97. Big Spenders

Tim, Chelsea, and Producer Garrett talk about their most expensive purchases, like Tim’s expansive comic book collection, Chelsea’s shoe selection, and Producer Garrett’s fledgling watch collection.

96. Planes, Pains, and Super Bowl Deals

Tim, Chelsea, and Producer Garrett are back with a new episode of the podcast! Which one of them never flew in a plane until they were adults? Which one got…

95. Jason Aldean

Country superstar Jason Aldean joins Tim & Chelsea to talk about his live virtual concert event, missing the road, and being a stay at home dad during the pandemic!

94. Bowl Bound Bucs!

Producer Garrett’s favorite team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, have made it to the Super Bowl! Tim & Chelsea check in on how he is doing, what he expects from the…

93. Championship Challenge

Producer Garrett is a huge Tampa Bay Bucs fan, and Tim & Chelsea have issued a challenge to test his Tampa Bay loyalty!