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5. The Fancasts

In honor of Nicholas Cage’s new role as Joe Exotic, T&C try and cast Fast Food mascots, the 1972 Dolphins, and even themselves!

(Best Of) Tim & Chelsea 5-4-20

You ever see someone doing something strange, but totally owning it? And all you could say is “You Do You!”

4. What is Your Spirit Animal?

Tim, Chelsea, and Producer Garrett take a quiz to find out what their Spirit Animals are. Did they get the animals of their dreams, or were they disappointed in their…

(Best Of) Tim & Chelsea 4-29-20

T&C play “Stump Producer Garrett.” Does out Producer know what a flock of crows is called, or what the capital of Illinois is? Find out on the Best of Tim…

(Best Of) Tim & Chelsea 4-28-20

T&C check in with Patty, a local restaurant owner who is having a hard time during the quarantine, with a special surprise!

3. Your Perfect Post Quarantine Concert

Tim, Chelsea and Producer Garrett talk about their first concerts, their favorite concert memories, and who would perform in their perfect post quarantine concert!