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Police arrest man who stole coronavirus test sample

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Police in Davis, California have arrested a man who reportedly walked into a hospital where COVID-19  testing was taking place and stole one of the test samples.

The incident occurred at Sutter Davis Hospital Saturday afternoon.

The Davis police department says they received a call from the hospital around 1:35pm about a man who grabbed one of the samples before it was able to be tested, and fled the area on a bike.

Police were able to later identify the suspect as 40- year-old Shaun Lamar Moore, after circulating a photo of the suspect taken from the hospital security cam.

Before they could locate Moore, authorities hen received a call around 6:00pm after someone found a sealed COVID-19 specimen in a shopping cart at a CVS Pharmacy.

Moore was located several hours after that and arrested.

Authorities say the sample was left undisturbed, however, the hospital is likely to use a second sample take took from the patient while searching for the first.

Officials also say that they are unsure while Moore stole the sample:

“It’s under investigation what the true motive is,” Deputy Chief Paul Doroshov. “We are exploring his mindset and any possibility that mental health played a role in this.”