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Police: Mar-a-Lago Chase Suspect Posed as Caretaker for PB Resident


The 30-year-old opera singer who was arrested last Friday after crashing through U.S. Secret Service blockades around Mar-a-Lago had been given a written warning two days earlier for trespassing on another Palm Beach property.

Hannah Roemhild, who is a Connecticut resident, was issued a warning by the Palm Beach Police Department on January 29 after a building worker called and asked officers to conduct a welfare check on an elderly woman who had a woman living with her, a police report states.

The worker called police because no one in the building knew the woman named “Hannah,” who claimed to be the resident’s caretaker.

The elderly woman’s family confirmed to authorities that they were not familiar with Roemhild and did not know why she was living in the apartment. The report does not indicate how long she had been staying there.

When police questioned the suspect, she told them that she met the victim at church in Connecticut three years ago, and the woman allowed her to stay in the apartment “because they were friends.” However, she denied the worker’s claim that she said she was the woman’s caretaker.

The victim told officers she did not remember Roemhild and had met her only two days earlier. The victim’s son then told Roemhild to gather her belongings and leave, which she did.

Police searched Roemhild’s property to make sure she did not have any of the victim’s items, according to the police report.

Meanwhile, she faces federal and state charges of assault on an officer and of deadly assault on law enforcement stemming from last week’s six-mile chase that began after she drove through two security checkpoints at President Trump’s Palm Beach mansion.

Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office deputies opened fire, hitting the woman’s SUV numerous times. She was arrested later that day at a local motel, after picking up her mother from Palm Beach International Airport in the same vehicle involved in the chase and shooting.

Roemhild’s attorney, David Roth, said at her first appearance in court that his client has a “well-documented history of mental illness.”

She is scheduled to appear in mental health court at 9 a.m. on Friday.