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Polling Places Open in Florida

Early voting

Voters will go the polls in Florida, Illinois, and Arizona despite the coronavirus outbreak. Ohio election officials have closed the polls due to the outbreak.
Polls opened at 7 this morning for the presidential primary election in Florida and 19 polling places in Palm Beach County. such as at nursing homes and 55-and-over communities, had to be moved due to the coronavirus.

Report to your polling place and they will tell you the new location.
Election managers are working to keep poll workers and voters safe by providing masks and hand sanitizer for workers and scrubbing down voting machines.

It is unclear how the growing coronavirus crisis will affect voter turnout but the Broward Supervisor of Elections says there will be fewer poll workers because they would rather stay home and away from people.

Early voting in Florida ended on Saturday and more than two million Floridians voted early or cast their ballot by mail.

In addition to selecting presidential preference, voters will also decide some mayoral races and local commission seats. Polls close at 7.

Click here for more information on voting in Palm Beach County.