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Potential new boyfriend: How “big brother” Jon Pardi almost ruined a date for Runaway June’s Jennifer Wayne

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ABC/Image Group LARunaway June‘s first major bonding experience with Jon Pardi happened a couple years ago when the all-female trio headed out on tour with him and Midland

Now, Jon and the “Buy My Own Drinks” hitmakers are so tight, he insists on signing off on Jennifer Wayne‘s potential boyfriends.

“I went on a date with a guy and I went out to dinner with Jon Pardi and his fiancee the other night,” Jennifer tells ABC Audio. “And Jon was, like, totally, like, sizing him up and being, like, a big brother and I’m like, ‘Jon, you can’t… you’ve gotta…'”

“What was his vote?” Hannah Mulholland interjects. “How many stars?”

“He likes him!” Jennifer reveals. “But in the beginning, I’m like, ‘You’re ruining it for me now!’ Like, ‘You gotta chill out, you know?'”

“And he was like,” Jennifer continues, in her best Pardi voice, “‘Well, you’re my baby sister. I’ve gotta take care of you!'”  

Jennifer, Hannah, and Naomi Cooke are currently climbing the chart with “Head over Heels,” the latest single from their debut album, Blue Roses

Meanwhile, Jon has a top fifteen hit with “Beer Can’t Fix,” his collaboration with Thomas Rhett. Jon’s next single from his Heartache Medication album is “Ain’t Always the Cowboy.”

So far, there’s no word on whether Runaway June may be among the guests when Jon ties the knot with fiancee Summer Duncan in Montana in May. 

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