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Runaway June’s Jennifer Wayne on COVID-19 experience: ‘This has changed me’

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ABC/Image Group LAJennifer Wayne of trio Runaway June is offering further insight into her experience with COVID-19. 

In an interview with PeopleJennifer reveals that she was quarantining with her parents at their home in Malibu, California when she caught the virus.

While waiting in line outside the grocery store, the woman next to her started coughing. A few days later, Jennifer developed symptoms including intense body aches, which she compares to the feeling of someone “crunching” her back muscles, the first sign that something was “very wrong,” she says.

Though she wasn’t able to be tested at the time, she did call a doctor who instructed her to self-isolate. From there, her symptoms progressed into serious fatigue and loss of smell. 

The singer eventually recovered after five days of rest and plenty of water. She and her parents were eventually able to get tested, and her results were positive, while theirs were negative.  

Since recovering, Jennifer reveals the experience has given her a new appreciation for her body.

“I’m so hard on myself. I’ve struggled with body issues and I have just been so critical of my body in the past, but it was my body that fought the virus and kept me safe. That’s my realization,” she explains. “I’m so thankful for my health and that I was able to fight off this virus. I definitely think this has changed me.”

Jennifer is planning to come back to Nashville later this month to start working on new music with her Runaway June partners Naomi Cooke and Hannah Mulholland.

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