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Russell Dickerson and his wife, Kailey, put up their Christmas tree extra early — but they’ve got a good reason

M Russelldickerson

When it comes to the best time of year to put up the Christmas tree, different people have lots of different opinions: Some people wait until after Thanksgiving, while others are ready to get into the holiday spirit right after Halloween.

Russell Dickerson and his wife, Kailey, are definitely in the latter camp. By the time Christmas Eve rolls out, they’ve often been enjoying their tree for nearly two months already.

“One of her traditions is putting the Christmas tree up November 1,” Russell reveals. “‘Cause, [Kailey] justifies it by, usually we’re on the road, and so the amount of days we’re home to see the Christmas tree adds up to as if we put it up December 1. You know what I mean?”

As for holiday traditions the couple have established together, Russell says that it’s all about spending fun, festive quality time with family and friends.

“We just love to host,” he goes on to say. “We do a huge thing with our friends, like, all our college friends, and all the kids, everything.”

They take their holiday hangs seriously: “Like, [from] 9 a.m. to 2 a.m.,” the singer says.

“We eat, we’re merry, we hang out, and we just, you know, we do the dang thing,” Russell continues with a laugh, while his 1-year-old son Remington bounces and coos on his lap. “That’s definitely one of our biggest must-haves in our Christmas tradition.”

Earlier this holiday season, Russell shared a picture of another new tradition: He and Kailey took baby Remington to see Santa Claus, where the family posed for an adorable, Christmas card-worthy snap.

After the holidays this year, Russell is headed out on the road again: His “All Yours, All Night” headlining tour kicks off in January.

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