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Russell Dickerson reveals meeting Thomas Rhett’s new daughter has given him “baby fever”

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ABC/Image Group LARussell Dickerson and Thomas Rhett are great friends, so the “Every Little Thing” hitmaker couldn’t wait to meet TR’s new daughter, Lennon Love, who was born on February 10.

Last Thursday night, Russell and his wife Kailey finally got to spend some time with TR’s third daughter. Like her big sister Ada James, she bears a strong resemblance to her dad.

“It was so awesome,” Russell tells ABC Audio. “[She’s] so tiny. And again, looks exactly like Thomas Rhett. I’m like, I feel so bad for [TR’s wife] Lauren, because she’s so beautiful.”

“I’m like, ‘You need a baby that looks like you, not Thomas Rhett,'” he laughs. “…But she’s an absolute angel. She’s so beautiful. And [she’s] got the cute little little mohawk hair. And I commented on Thomas Rhett’s picture the other day. It was like, ‘She looks like you, but she’s got hair like Uncle Russ.'”

TR and Lauren adopted Lennon’s oldest sister, four-year-old Willa Gray, in 2017, before two-year-old Ada was born that August. 

Russell confesses since his close friends like TR and Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard are all having babies, it’s making him eager to start his own family with Kailey. 

“You know, we’re open to that,” he reveals. “You know, we’re ready. We get our own bus in July. In case, if that were to ever come about, then we’d be ready.”

“There’s so many people that we look up to and are so close to that have that example of how to have a family on the road,” he adds. “So it’s again, like [my friendship with] Tyler and TR and all that, it’s just like the biggest blessing.” 

Russell’s just released “Love You Like I Used To,” the lead single from his upcoming sophomore album.

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