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Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris have a serious case of “baby luck” as they await the birth of their son

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ABC/Image Group LAMaren Morris called her soon-to-be-born baby boy her “good luck charm” back in November when she won Album of the Year for GIRL at the CMA Awards. Earlier this week as husband Ryan Hurd celebrated his latest number one as a writer — for Lady Antebellum‘s “What If I Never Get over You” — he agreed.

In fact, there are so many good things happening for the couple these days, Ryan admits it’s a bit of a whirlwind.

“Valentine’s Day? We’ve been so busy, I haven’t thought about that yet,” he confessed at the Lady A number one party. “We are really excited. They talk about ‘baby luck’ in this town and I think we just experienced the first little piece of that with this song going number one, right when this baby boy’s heading our way.”

Baby boy Hurd is expected to arrive in March, and in addition to Ryan’s chart-topping success with Lady A, he also has a top-20 single of his own with “To a T.” Meanwhile, mommy-to-be Maren is on track to clinch her latest number one next week with “The Bones.”

“Maren’s feeling great,” Ryan told reporters prior to the party. “She’s really excited to be here today to celebrate this, and both of our families are in town because we just had her baby shower. And everything’s awesome.”

“We’re really proud to raise our family in Nashville, and we’re really proud to be doing this job,” he added. “And it’s gonna be fun to have a little kid tagging along to all this stuff for the next however many years.”

Luke Bryan‘s “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” and Blake Shelton‘s “Lonely Tonight” are Ryan’s previous number ones as a writer. He also wrote Lady A’s number four hit, “You Look Good.”

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