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Ryan Hurd’s ‘Wish for the World’ video shares a timely message of solidarity

M Ryanhurd
RCA Nashville

RCA NashvilleIn the midst of the COVID-19 shutdown, it’s been weeks since country fans got to gather live and watch their favorite artists perform. Now, Ryan Hurd is reliving a little bit of the magic of connection in the live music video for “Wish for the World,” the song he used to close each stop on his now-postponed Platonic Tour. 

“It was one of my favorite moments from on stage, and something special to experience with each audience,” Ryan remembers. 

He’s hoping that the live footage-based video will remind quarantined music lovers that they’re not alone.

“Given what the world is experiencing right now, the song has taken on a new meaning and I wanted to share some of the love, friendship and happiness we got to witness and absorb each night with anyone who needs a little more of it right now,” the singer goes on to say.

The video begins with a shot of Ryan’s pre-show huddle with his crew, complete with the mantra of “Breathe in, breathe out.” The footage goes on to show highlights from his tour, onstage and off: Two fans get engaged, a crew member gets a surprise birthday cake, and a packed venue sings along to Ryan’s set.

“Wish for the World” comes off of Ryan’s 2019 Platonic EP, a project that also features his latest single, “To a T.” 

Last month, Ryan and his wife, fellow country star Maren Morris, also welcomed their first child.

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