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Sam Hunt admits it’s “Hard to Forget” when he could play basketball and work out at the Y

Connor Dwyer

Connor DwyerSam Hunt‘s Southside Summer Tour was supposed to kick off May 28 in Charlotte, North Carolina, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been pushed back to a July 10 start in Bangor, Maine. 

In the meantime, the “Kinfolks” hitmaker has been doing the same thing a lot of us have: trying to figure out how to pass the time.

“I’ve been reading, trying to read some,” the Georgia native tells ABC Audio. “I have this longbow that I like to shoot. So I get it out and shoot my bow a little bit.”

“I let the dogs run,” Sam continues, “do a little walking in the woods, and just napping. I’ve done a little napping too.”

The former college football quarterback admits he hasn’t exactly been staying on top of his workout, either.

“It’s nonexistent right now,” Sam laughs. “I had my routine of playing basketball and going down to the YMCA and working out down for a while there. I was on a pretty good roll before this hit.”

“But I figured I’ll just wait this out and get back going whenever things get back to normal,” he adds. 

COVID-19 hasn’t interfered with Sam’s ability to create hits, however. His latest single from Southside, “Hard to Forget,” is on the verge of cracking country’s top ten.

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