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Sam Hunt plans to “keep the ball rolling” on music following “Southside” release

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MCA Nashville

MCA NashvilleIn spite of the six-year gap between the release of Sam Hunt‘s debut album, Montevallo, and his follow-up album, Southside, the singer says he’s as inspired as ever.

In a clip from Spotify’s enhanced album experience, “Sam Hunt Presents Southside,” the singer explains how he needed time to “re-center” following the release of Montevallo, which turned him into a country music superstar. In the interim, he was continuing to write songs and married his now wife, Hannah Fowler

As inspiration continues to thrive, Sam says he likely won’t wait as long to release his third album as he did with his sophomore installment. 

“I’m as inspired now as I have been the past five or six years, so I’m looking forward to keeping the ball rolling this time and getting back on it sooner rather than alter as far as working on the next project goes,” he declares.

Sam released Southside on Friday. Spotify’s enhanced  album includes all of the tracks featured on Southside, along with with clips of Sam discussing the stories behind such songs as “Sinning with You” and his current single, “Hard to Forget.” The Spotify album also features acoustic performances of “Hard to Forget” and “2016,” along with other content.

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