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Scotty McCreery and wife Gabi expecting first child: “We’ve got a little man on the way”

Gaby Dugal, Scotty Mccreery

Scotty McCreery is going to be a dad! He and his wife, Gabi, are expecting their first child this year.

The hit country singer says that after they wed in June 2018, the couple wanted to spend a few years traveling and experiencing life before welcoming children. Gabi is now pregnant with a baby boy that’s due in November.

“We got a little man on the way,” Scotty tells People. “We’ve gotten to live a lot of life and do some cool things, so seems like now’s a good time to settle down a little and expand the family.”

Gabi says it took her a few tries to inform her husband of the exciting news because her original plan of telling him on the car ride back home after picking him up from the airport didn’t pan out, as his flight was delayed. She ended up telling him the next morning after they’d attended a hockey game. 

“I’m over there drinking beers, having a good time, and she’s like, ‘I think I’ll just lay low tonight,’ so I was like, ‘Okay.’ I didn’t think anything of it,” the singer recalls. 

Gabi, who is a pediatric nurse in their home state of North Carolina, says that her job has helped prepare her for motherhood.

“Even just down to changing diapers multiple times in a day, and figuring out how to soothe the baby when they’re upset, for sure has helped,” she explains. “I definitely feel like it’s prepared me in many ways.”

After the baby arrives, Scotty does plan to equip his tour bus with a nursery so his son and wife can join him on the road. “[This is] uncharted waters for us, but we can’t wait to dive in and meet the little man,” Scotty shares.

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