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Shay Mooney’s “pinching himself” over Dan + Shay’s “game-changing” hit with Justin Bieber

ABC/Mitch Haaseth

ABC/Mitch HaasethDan + Shay are currently nearing the top of the country airplay chart with their latest hit, “10,000 Hours.” While the duo’s no stranger to country’s upper ranks, this time, they’ve managed to bring an unlikely partner along — Justin Bieber.

Dan + Shay do a have an “in” with the pop star, since they share the same manager. But it was the song itself that sealed the deal.

“He loves country music and so does his wife,” Shay Mooney tells ABC Audio. “So whenever we had written that song in Nashville, we thought, ‘Man, let’s just throw a Hail Mary and see if we can get Justin a song, see if he likes it.'”

“And we sent it over and he loved the song,” Shay continues. “And I think his wife did, too, so that definitely helps.”

Of course, Dan + Shay also wrote their previous hit, “Speechless,” about their significant others —  a topic that hits home with Justin.

“We wrote that about our wives and [we’re] in a very similar place [as] him,” Shay says. “You know, we’re married now and so’s he… And we all resonated with the song.”

Dan + Shay also felt confident their fans would support the Bieber duet.

“We’ve been touring for a long time and putting out music,” Shay explains, “and we knew that they would definitely like that song. We hoped that they would.”

“And putting out that song has just been, it’s been a game changer. You know, it’s another level for us.”

Shay admits even HE is a little starstruck about it.

“I still pinch myself whenever we’re driving down the road,” he laughs. “Seeing ‘Dan + Shay with Justin Bieber’ is a pinch me moment!” 

So far, “10,000 Hours” has made it to #4 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 as well.

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