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75. Lee Brice

Country star and 2020 CMA winner Lee Brice joins Tim & Chelsea to talk about COVID, making new music, and his home cure for hangovers!

74. Plans for the Holidays

Tim and Chelsea discuss their families plans for the Holidays and how to navigate traveling during a pandemic.

73. What We Fight About

Tim, Chelsea, and Producer Garrett discuss fruitless fights they have had with their spouses!

72. Worst Dates

Tim, Chelsea, and Producer Garrett discuss the worst dates they have ever had!

71. Garbage Man vs Aliens!

Tim and Garrett pitch the next great blockbuster film! While Chelsea… struggles through it all.

70. Plans for Halloween

Tim, Chelsea, and Producer Garrett talk about their plans (or lack thereof) for Halloween!

69. Chelsea Hates Cruises

Chelsea just got back from the Food & Wine Festival, Tim reminisces about Disney Cruises, and Chelsea reveals her crippling fear of going on a cruise.

67. What Makes you Cry?

Tim, Chelsea, and Producer Garrett discuss the movies, shows, and videos that make them teary eyed!

66. It's Chelsea's Birthday!

Chelsea has a big birthday, plus the gang talks about the best and worst birthday’s they have ever had!