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Best of Tim & Chelsea (9-20-21)
Do you know where you want to be laid to rest? Do you want your ashes scattered? Will Chelsea really make her kids travel to three different time zones? All...
Ep 17. Snapper Fishing
No matter if your fishing the mangroves, off a bridge or seawall, or on a boat dropping led off the reef, you’re in for a good time when it comes...
The Best of Tim & Chelsea 9-16-21
Wait until you hear what Aaron did while housesitting for his friends Kendall and Greg on Forgive and Forget with Tim and Chelsea!
Best of Tim & Chelsea (9-14-21)
Who has the Halloween Decorations Out Already? What is One Thing From Your Childhood You Still Love or Still Do!?
Best of Tim & Chelsea 9-13
Tim Rewrites The Lion King’s “Circle of Life” and Chelsea’s Son Wants to Sell Stuff to Random People