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“Sinning with You”: Why Sam Hunt’s new track is the flipside of his hit “Kinfolks”

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ABC RadioAs Sam Hunt‘s latest single, “Kinfolks,” continues to climb the charts, he’s giving fans a preview of the album that will eventually follow with a new song: “Sinning with You.”

The “Body Like a Back Road” hitmaker hasn’t released a full album since his 2014 multi-platinum debut, Montevallo. But Sam says “Sinning with You” — which came out at midnight — is a good indication of what’s ahead.

“It’s kind of the other side of the coin, in terms of the record, with ‘Kinfolks,'” he explains. “It’s a song that’s a little more serious, a little more reflective, and I guess it kind of represents the part of the record that will reflect, I guess, the growing up or the growing out of the stage that Montevallo represents.”

While the more uptempo “Kinfolks” focuses on liking a new acquaintance so much you want to introduce her to your family, the slower “Sinning” looks at the way those same “Kinfolks” might judge a relationship.

“‘Kinfolks’ talks about my hometown and growing up in the South in a lighthearted way,” Sam continues. “And ‘Sinning with You’…it’s kind of a commentary on growing up in the South, some of the heavier side of that journey, the crossroads you kind of come to as you’re growing up and trying to figure out what some of the traditions that you grew up in [mean], and what faith really means to you and just where the truth lies.”

“I guess just searching for truth as a young person growing up in a crazy world,” he adds. “But it still reflects that. It still goes back to my hometown…the theme in that song.”

So far, Sam hasn’t revealed the timeline for the arrival of his sophomore album.

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