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“Small Town Boy” from ‘Tullahoma’: Dustin Lynch’s new album is amped-up autobiography

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ABC/Image Group LADustin Lynch invites you to experience Tullahoma this weekend. This time, the Tennessee-born hitmaker’s not talking about his hometown, but his fourth album, which is out today.

For Tullahoma, the “Small Town Boy” took many of his cues from his multi-week chart-topper that was one of the most popular songs of 2017.

“There’s a common thread,” Dustin tells ABC Audio. “We… attempt[ed] from day one with this album… [to make it about] the ‘Small Town Boy’ — that character I’ve got a mental image of who that guy is, what truck he drives, who he dates.”

“I wanted to make sure every song was that guy,” he continues, “and guys that dig that guy, that want to be that guy, and the girls that like that guy, to all enjoy.”

And if you’re wondering if Dustin is “that guy,” he admits Tullahoma is fairly autobiographical.

“I step back and I go, ‘Wait, all this is pretty much about my hometown and why I’m who I am now as a person,'” he says. “[It] is because of where I grew up, you know, the people that raised me, the friends I did life with, and discovered new things with for the first time.”

“Selfishly, I get to name it Tullahoma and maybe make my town a little more famous than it already is,” he smiles.

The 34-year-old goes on to reveal the “Small Town Boy” on Tullahoma may actually be an amped-up version of himself.

“I wish I had lived as — well, maybe not as much drama as [is] on this record. But I wish life was as exciting as some of these songs are,” Dustin reflects.

“But that’s why we make music, right?” he asks. “It doesn’t have to be totally real.” 

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