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“Some People Do”: How Old Dominion’s helping use haircuts to change the lives of the homeless

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Mason Allen

Mason AllenIf you haven’t seen Old Dominion‘s moving video for “Some People Do,” it’s worth taking time to check it out.

In lieu of shooting a traditional music video, the five-man band spent a day in L.A. in early February with Jason Schneidman. The celebrity stylist now gives haircuts to the homeless and works to help them turn their lives around. 

It’s a personal cause for Schneidman, since he himself once lived on the street and fought addiction. 

“We met Jason probably four years ago,” OD lead singer Matthew Ramsey tells ABC Audio. “He was just the hair and makeup guy on a photo shoot…”

“He was just a great person…” Matthew continues, “We just liked him, and so we kept using him… any time we had a… shoot he was available for… and [we] started to learn a little bit more of his story.”

One night on the OD bus, the idea for the video was born.

“I was just… looking at his Instagram,” Matthew recalls, “and seeing all these stories where he was going out and talking to homeless people and trying to clean ’em up and help ’em get their life on track. And it just clicked. And I thought, ‘Man, this would be an amazing video for this song.'” 

“It’s… about change and saying ‘I’m sorry,’ and just trying to be better and different,” Matthew adds. “And he really exemplifies that. So, thankfully, I texted him right then and he was up for.”

For OD, the result was nothing short of life-changing.

“That day was such an amazing day,” Matthew reflects. 

Today, Old Dominion releases the long-form version of the “Some People Do” video. You can go to their socials and their YouTube channel to find out more about Schneidman’s Men’s Groomer Foundation.  

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