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Studio sessions, backyard hangs, “tequila” and “therapy”: Old Dominion hints at something new

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Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

Could Old Dominion have new music coming down the pipeline? It certainly seems plausible, according to a cryptic series of Polaroid snaps posted to their social media.

Over the past couple of days, the band shared two slides filled with pictures tagged as being shot in Asheville, North Carolina. Some of the images show the band hanging out, goofing off and having a good time, while others appear to be studio shots, hinting that they might be at work on a new project. 

“Tequila,” the band mysteriously titled one series of images. “Therapy,” they wrote in the caption of the other

Perhaps most tellingly, one Polaroid appears to feature snippets of lyrics from the band’s current single,“I Was on a Boat That Day,” which they’ve said they wrote in Asheville. The same image includes a drawing of a cross-eyed bear, a clear reference to that song’s lyric, “Drunk as a skunk eating lunch with a cross-eyed bear.”

“I Was on a Boat That Day,” which came out earlier this summer, is the lead single from OD’s as-yet unannounced fourth studio project When it arrives, it’ll follow their self-titled album from 2019.

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