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“Sunrise Tells the Story”: Midland’s new song sheds some daylight on the aftermath of a late-night tryst

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Midland paints a picture of the love affair that happened the night before in their new song, “Sunrise Tells the Story,” a waltz ballad that came out on Friday.

The song’s lyrics describe half-drunk wine, still-spinning records, and the general feeling that a new romance recently took over the room, “like a tornado might’ve come crashin’ through the door.”

“Sunrise Tells the Story” is one of five songs on Midland’s upcoming The Last Resort EP, which is set to arrive in full July 16. The song was co-written by the band’s Jess Carson along with singer-songwriter Jessi Alexander and Aaron Ratiere. Jess co-wrote all of the tracks on The Last Resort, and his band mates Mark Wystrach and Cameron Duddy also both had a hand in writing all four of the other songs on the project.

The country trio’s new EP also lends its name to their upcoming The Last Resort Tour, which starts in October in Phoenix, Arizona. Hailey Whitters will join the trek as opening support.

Most recently, Midland shared their origin story with a new documentary called Midland: The Sonic Ranch, which chronicles the early days as a band and first experiences of recording together.

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