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Supreme Court to Hear Arguments About Releasing Trump’s Taxes Today

Supreme Court

(Washington, DC) — The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments today on President Trump’s taxes.

Three House committees subpoenaed Trump’s taxes and other financial records and the president has refused to comply.

The case centers on congressional authority and presidential powers.

Trump’s lawyers argue that political motivations lie behind the congressional subpoenas. House lawyers call it legitimate congressional oversight.

President Trump is the first sitting president who is a party to a case before the US Supreme Court and is able to potentially respond in real time on Twitter.

In arguments by telephone and live-streamed to the public the US Supreme Court will consider whether President Trump is immune from subpoenas and other criminal processes while in office.

At issue are his personal and business tax returns under subpoena by several Congressional committees and the Manhattan Districct Attorney’s office, which wants them as part of an investigation into hush payments to women.

The DA’s office says “no person is above the law” especially in a case where the potential crime predates his presidency.

Justices are conducting oral arguments by phone due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A ruling in the case is expected by early summer.