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The “Beers” are on Dierks Bentley — and his country pals Hardy and Breland — in their new collaboration

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This week, Dierks Bentley finally unveils the new song that lends its name to his 2021 Beers on Me Tour. 

That’s “Beers on Me,” an easygoing good-time anthem that finds Dierks collaborating with two of country music’s most exciting up-and-comers: Hardy and Breland. The three singers take turns on the verses of the song, which they also co-wrote during a writing session that Dierks admits was a little unorthodox. 

“It’s usually more of a collaborative process, and you’re talking things out and stuff, but this was totally different,” the singer tells People, who premiered the song on Thursday.

What began with Hardy’s idea for a song called “Beers on Me” slowly morphed into a “timely” anthem of reuniting with friends and family after pandemic-induced shutdowns. Then, Breland applied his vision to the track to create the third verse, which he also sings.

“Breland is just on a totally different planet. He was totally in the zone and truly living out the Dharma,” Dierks jokes. “And about 20 minutes later, he says he has some ideas, and they were absolutely genius. There were a few things he said that I didn’t even know what he was talking about, but I knew they were good.”

“Beers on Me” is the follow-up single to “Gone,” Dierks’ 20th number-one country hit.

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