The Top ‘Dirty Dozen’ Fruits + Vegetables Containing The Most Pesticides


The annual “dirty dozen” list just came out, a list if the top 12 fruits and vegetables that tend to be covered in pesticides.

Strawberries are #1 for the 6th straight year, followed by spinach, and kale.

Here are the top 12:

1.  Strawberries.  They’re at the top for the sixth year in a row.

2.  Spinach.

3.  Kale.

4.  Nectarines.

5.  Apples.

6.  Grapes.

7.  Cherries.

8.  Peaches.

9.  Pears.

10.  Bell peppers and hot peppers.

11.  Tomatoes.

12.  Celery.

The CLEANEST are avocadoes, corn, pineapples, onions, and papayas.