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The University of California to suspend ACT/SAT testing requirement

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The University of California says that it will be suspending the ACT and SAT requirement for admission into their school until 2024.

The decision was made Thursday by the board of Regent who all agreed unanimously.

UC President Janet Napolitano who suggested the change last month spoke about the decision calling it a “significant change for the University’s undergraduate admissions.”

While the use of the ACT and SAT will no longer be required for admission into the university that it does not mean students will not have to

The university says it is currently in the process of creating a new standardized test that it hopes will “more closely” align with what they “expect incoming students to know to demonstrate their preparedness for UC,” Napolitano said.

The university hopes that the test will be completed and approved by the year 2025, however, if it does not meet the university’s standards, the university will eliminate the testing standard for California students and will work on a separate approach for out-of-state and international students.

At least 51 universities have dropped the ACT and SAT requirement for at least the 2021 academic year due to the coronavirus. It is unclear if any other universities or colleges are considering keeping that change.