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Thomas Rhett’s wife and kids not only inspire his hits — they pick ’em, too

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ABC/Image Group LAThomas Rhett‘s wife Lauren and their daughters — Willa Gray, who is four, and two-year-old Ada James — often inspire smashes like “Die a Happy Man” and “Life Changes.”

But TR reveals the women in his life also take it one step further…they have an uncanny knack for picking his hits.

“[It’s] crazy,” TR marvels. “I was driving Willa and Ada out to the farm, and it’s about a 45-minute drive, and I keep going through demos. I’ve got ’em on a playlist, and my kids are about the best A-and-R team that I can have, my kids and my wife.”

“Because they’re for sure…gonna tell ya that that song is terrible or that song is good,” he explains. “If Willa Gray wants to listen to a song six times in a row, maybe it should have a shot. Maybe a lot of other four-year-olds will want to listen to it six times in a row.

“And my wife is the first one to be like, ‘That’s not my favorite,'” he adds, “or ‘That’s one of my favorite songs you’ve ever written.'”

As much as TR values his family’s opinions, he still makes his final choices himself.

“There are some of the songs that neither of them like that I love too much to not cut,” he says. “But for the most part, I do listen to a lot of opinions, and then at the end of the day, I take all those opinions and I put ‘em in a pot and try to make a decision for myself.”

“But my kids do have a huge role in picking a lot of songs, which is hilarious,” he smiles.

The latest addition to TR’s song-picking team, his daughter Lennon Love, arrived earlier this month. 

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