Tim & Chelsea raise enough money to buy 23,000+ meals for West Palm Beach Food Bank!

Tim Leary and Chelsea Taylor wrapped up their three-day campaign “Friends Feeding Friends” Sunday, to raise money and food for the Palm Beach County Food Bank. “People came out from all over South Florida to donate a turkey, a bag of canned goods, or cash”, said Tim Leary. “There are more than 200,000 hungry people in our county…the response was so overwhelming I am speechless at the outpouring of giving from everyone in this community!”

In just three days, Tim and Chelsea collected 2.5+ tons of food (more than 5,000lbs. of food) and more than $7,500…enough to buy more than 23,000+ meals for those in need! (The Palm Beach County Food Bank is able to purchase 3 meals for every dollar raised.)

“At one point there were so many cars that had pulled up”, states Chelsea Taylor. “Cars drove up with money hanging out the windows, turkeys were being shuttled to the refrigerated truck, people also brought CRATES of fresh vegetables!  It was the BEST set of problems to have ever! Our listeners are so incredible.”

The food/money has been brought to the Palm Beach County Food Bank to be disseminated immediately to those in need.