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‘Trash My Heart’: Walker Hayes’ new single shrugs off consequences in favor of a playful good time

M Walkerhayes
Robert Chavers

Robert ChaversWalker Hayes has written plenty of songs with heavy subject matter, but his newest single, “Trash My Heart,” is all about keeping a relationship light and fun. 

In the lyrics, Walker invites a romantic interest along for a night of consequences-free fun, encouraging her to treat his heart as carelessly as she would treat a hotel room. 

“Trash my heart like a hotel room / Steal my kisses like it’s free shampoo,” he sings in the chorus. “Don’t be careful with me, baby, just get reckless / You can even leave before the continental breakfast…” 

“I’m usually the guy that likes to get real deep and introspective with my songs, but this song is just all about fun. I want every line of this song to make you smile,” Walker explains. “I want every line to make you want to dance!”

The singer did a little dancing of his own in the hotel-themed music video for the song, which he premiered the same day he dropped “Trash My Heart.” 

Walker’s new single follows his 2019 release “Don’t Let Her,” a sweet message of love and devotion to his wife. 

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