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Trisha Yearwood and Ashley McBryde cook up some good conversation on ‘Trisha’s Southern Kitchen’

The Food Network

The Food NetworkBy CARENA LIPTAK, ABC News

Ashley McBryde is the featured guest on Saturday’s episode of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen with Trisha Yearwood, and the pair grill up some perfect-for-summer dishes and sizzling conversation during the show. 

On the menu is a charred tomato and scallion salad, grilled potatoes, a Porterhouse steak with horseradish sauce, and raspberry chocolate rice cereal treats for dessert.

As they work, the two stars discuss everything from life in the music business to their favorite movies. They think back to the weirdest jobs they ever held before getting their start in the music industry. 

“My weirdest job was, I worked for an agri-sales company,” recalls Trisha. “And I ordered, like, feeding troughs for pigs. You know, it’s really easy to order a feeding trough for a pig because they’re not particular.”

While Ashley has had her share of strange side gigs in the past, including a stint as a security guard for a hospital, she’s doing her dream job these days. Last month, the singer released her stellar sophomore album, Never Will

Furthermore, she and Trisha are long-standing fans of each other’s musical talents. Trisha recorded one of Ashley’s songs, “Bible and a .44,” for her 2019 Every Girl album.

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