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Trump signs $484 billion measure to aid employers, hospitals

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has signed a $484 billion bill that aids employers and hospitals amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The bill was approved by Congress on Thursday and it is the latest effort by the federal government to help keep afloat businesses that have had to close or dramatically alter their operations as states work to slow the spread of the virus.

Trump said most of the funding in the bill would flow to small business through the Paycheck Protection Program, which provides money to small businesses to keep workers on their payroll. The Paycheck Protection Program ran out of money last week.

“Great for small businesses, great for the workers,” Trump said.

The bill will also provide hospitals with more money and will implement a nationwide virus testing program to facilitate reopening the economy.

The four coronavirus relief bills approved so far by Congress would deliver at least $2.4 trillion for business relief, testing and treatment, and direct payments to individuals and the unemployed, according to the Congressional Budget Office.