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Tucker Beathard tells an enigmatic, heavy-hearted story in the music video for ‘You Would Think’

Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Erika Goldring/Getty ImagesIn the music video for his tumultuous new song, “You Would Think,” Tucker Beathard tells a powerful story that the singer says is intentionally left open to interpretation.

The story centers on a daughter’s role as conflicted caregiver for her alcoholic mother. But in a climactic scene set in Dee’s Cocktail Lounge, a beloved dive just outside of Nashville, things take a turn for the unexpected. 

That ambiguity fits perfectly into the concept behind the song, Tucker explains.

“We purposely left ‘You Would Think’ open for interpretation as a song,” he tells Rolling Stone. “Although most people naturally assume it’s a song about a breakup with someone, for me it was more inspiring writing it from the perspective of a son talking to his dad or a daughter talking to her mom.”

Tucker doesn’t appear in the video’s main cast of characters, though shots of him strumming an acoustic guitar and singing by a campfire are interspersed throughout the video. 

“I knew I wanted the music video to shed light on the different perspectives this song can take,” Tucker says. “In the last music video I shot, ‘Better Than Me,’ I was the main character of the story, but for this song it was important for me to be nothing more than the narrator.”

“You Would Think” will head to country radio on April 13.

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