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Walker Hayes gets “Fancy Like” a pop star with Kesha

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Walker Hayes‘ viral crossover hit “Fancy Like” is getting some extra pop star power. The country rapper has just released a new version of the song, featuring Kesha

“It’s going down…I’m yelling timber… I do words for a living and I don’t even how to communicate my excitement,” Walker said on social media ahead of the song’s release. 

Kesha also sang the praises of “Fancy Like,” saying, “This song speaks to me on a very deep level.  I’m fancy like…. A southern b**** who loves a Waffle House after a night at the dive bar n karaoke…. How u fancy like?”

Walker included “Fancy Like” on his latest Country Stuff album. The song, which went viral thanks to a TikTok dance Walker posted with his daughter, Lela, has inspired two Applebee’s commercials, and the return of the restaurant chain’s famous Oreo shake.

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