Wednesday’s Good News Stories: CEO Of ‘Twitter’ Commits $1 Billion In Fight Against COVID-19

We need more positive good news stories to read about these days, news and social media are full of sad stories and not highlight the good that is being done around the country and world.

I make it a point to look up “good news stories” every morning before my show so that I can be more positive on the air and uplifting for those who may be more down than others.

Here are a few I read about this morning to help put a smile on your face 🙂 .

As you all know the service industry has been hit really hard, while we’re doing what we can to help local professionals, restaurant owners are coming up with ideas to help their employees out.

The Florida food chain, Datz, has been selling their collection of rare alcohol to pay their staff, they listed one of their bottles of 25-year old bourbon at $20,000. and an anonymous customer doubled it and paid $40,000. MORE

There is an exceptional 7-year-old piano prodigy from Greece who wrote and ORIGINAL song on the world wide lock-down called, “Isolation Waltz” … he’s now gaining the attention of people around the world who are moved by his beautiful piece. Check it out below.

This family of four are cheering up their neighbors by brightening up the neighborhood, literally!

The Taylor family began painting the bricks of their home with colorful chalk, an idea they got from others doing similar things on social media. See the BEAUTIFUL pictures [HERE]