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What a “Catch”: How the video for Brett Young’s next #1 foretold his future

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ABC/Image Group LAThe video for Brett Young‘s latest hit, “Catch,” retells his love story with his wife, Taylor, recapturing the part of his life when the California native played baseball for Ole Miss. 

While it’s basically true-to-life, Brett warns it’s not necessarily 100% accurate.

“We crack up about it all the time,” he tells ABC Audio, “because with songwriting and with music videos and things like that, we are really given the opportunity to glamorize the story a little bit.”

“But every once in a while like with this video, we do get to tell the story,” he continues. “For anybody that doesn’t really know all of the story, they assume that it’s all true.”

Brett and Taylor actually started dating when he was back in Orange County after finishing his year in Mississippi, while his future bride was a student at Arizona State. 

“What’s the quote? ‘Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story,'” he laughs. “That’s how we song-write most of the time. But it’s fun when every once in a while, it is straight to the letter and it’s our story, and it’s still moving and touching people.”

There was one embellishment that turned out to be true. Director Seth Kupersmith didn’t realize Brett and Taylor were expecting when he planned the video’s ending.

“Ironically, he didn’t know we were pregnant yet when he wrote that treatment,” Brett explains. “So to write in a child at the end of the video I think was, you know, really fortuitous. And it’s fun to have that out. It’s really great timing.”  

The “Catch” video was shot in March of last year, before Presley Elizabeth was born in October. Right now, “Catch” is on track to be her dad’s sixth consecutive number one.

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