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What they’re leaving for: Lady A’s loving on their kids as they celebrate their latest #1


BMLGLady Antebellum earns their tenth number one this week, as “What If I Never Get Over You” rises to the top of the country chart. It’s an encouraging milestone for the Grammy-winning trio, who often find themselves leaving their collective six children behind to chase the career they love so much.

It’s a topic they sing about on the track “What I’m Leaving For” on their new album Ocean, and one that has particular significance for Hillary Scott, whose mom Linda Davis worked with Reba McEntire for many years. 

“I’m definitely on both both ends of the story for sure,” Hillary reflects. “That’s why when we found this song, it really pulled me over on the side of the road. Because I was just like, ‘I’ve been that kid and I’m that mom.'”

But balancing family and career is a challenge that’s universal.

“I think about all the families of the servicemen and women that have to leave their families,” Charles Kelley tells ABC Audio. “But at the end of the day, when you love something, you have a calling. You also want to show your kids that you’ve got to go chase your dreams down. But it doesn’t mean that it’s not hard.”

Hillary continues the thought: “I know some new mamas with brand-new babies at home that even getting out to the grocery store for 45 minutes feels really, really hard… And so this song can really, I think, meet you wherever you are.”

“But for us, it was very specific in and about us leaving our families and wanting our children to watch us chase the dream that we know we’re meant to to chase, and that they can do the same thing,” she adds. 

All six Lady A kids star in the video for “What I’m Leaving For.”

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