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‘Whatever you’re feeling is ok’: Kelsea Ballerini touches base with fans amid COVID-19 shutdown

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ABC/Image Group LAAs the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep country artists and fans alike inside their homes in order to help halt the spread of the virus, Kelsea Ballerini has posted a heartfelt message of support to those struggling in quarantine. 

“Whatever you’re feeling is ok,” Kelsea wrote, going on to say that there’s no one right way to react to the quarantine, and the dramatic change it has brought to everyone’s lives. 

While some people have found the unexpected free time to be a chance to rest and recharge, others have found it to be a deeply stressful time. All responses are valid, Kelsea reminded her fans. 

“This is an uncharted, uneasy, unsettled time. There is no guide. Getting through it is the priority, and however we do that is OK,” the singer reflected. “Don’t guilt yourself because your journey through this looks different than someone else’s.”

The most important thing, she added, is that people keep themselves and those around them healthy, both physically and emotionally.

“Call your mom. Hug your dog. Learn to cook. Dance around your living room,” Kelsea said.

“Or don’t,” she concluded. “It’s ok.”

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