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Why We Garden: Justin Moore’s prepping a summer project

The Valory Music Co.

The Valory Music Co.Justin Moore and his wife Kate built their dream house in his home state of Arkansas several years ago, but there’s one project they haven’t gotten around to, until now: growing their own vegetables. 

“We moved in our house I guess, three years ago, and it feels like we’re just now kind of finishing it,” Justin explains. “That’s the way it always feels, it seems like.”

“But we definitely have discussed having a garden and wanting a garden, we just haven’t done it yet,” he continues. “But this coming year we’re definitely gonna do a garden.”

Justin freely admits he may need to do some research to make his pet project flourish.

“Do I have a green thumb?” he asks. “I don’t really know. I know I helped my folks growing up doing it, but that was them saying, ‘Hey, go do this.'”

“Now that I’m gonna be the one having to do it, I need to educate myself a little more than I have,” he adds.

If Justin and Kate have put off planting a garden, it’s easy to understand why. In addition to their four children under the age of ten, they also have three dogs, three horses, three cows, and two cats. Justin also has a top twenty hit right now with his latest single, “Why We Drink.” 

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