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Willie Nelson to celebrate his favorite holiday with ‘Luck Presents: Come and Toke It’ variety show

Luck Reunion

Luck Reunion

Aside from his legendary songwriting skills and storied career in country music, Willie Nelson is perhaps best known for his affinity for a certain recreational substance, so it’s no surprise that the superstar’s favorite holiday is 4/20. 

This year, Willie will spend the special day with his friends and fans as he hosts Luck Presents: Come and Toke It, a special variety show featuring artists, chefs, comedians and cannabis-lovers of all description. 

Additionally, Luck Productions and Willie’s Reserve have launched the #ComeAndTokeIt #PassItLeft challenge, calling on viewers to post footage of themselves passing whatever their preferred toking material is to their left, along with the challenge’s hashtags. One participant will be selected to say hello to Willie during the virtual broadcast.

The special supports the Last Prisoner Project, a coalition of leaders from the cannabis industry dedicated to restorative justice and decriminalizing cannabis use. 

Participants joining Willie for the show will be rolled out over Luck Reunion social media channels. The show will stream from Luck Reunion’s website as well as its Twitch channel. Naturally, the broadcast will take place on Monday at 4:20 PM CT, and will last for four hours and 20 minutes.

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