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‘You Make it Hard’: Hot Country Knights’ duet with Terri Clark tells a love story for the ages

Universal Music Group Nashville

Universal Music Group NashvilleFrom Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, ‘90s country has given us some great, romantic love duets that span the test of time. 

Now, the Hot Country Knights are giving those essential ballads a run for their money, thanks to the release of the passionate song, “You Make it Hard,” a collaboration with Terri Clark that is sure to swiftly join the ranks of the genre’s most iconic love songs. 

Together, Terri and Knights frontman Doug Douglason lay the harmonies on thick, and the innuendo on even thicker.

Doug sings the song’s brooding first lines — “With an ache in my heart and blood rushing to my head” — before Terri chimes in with, “Baby, don’t say a word, ‘cause this is my favorite part/When I reach around and find you in the dark.”

Goofball antics, ‘90s tropes and outrageous outfits are the Knights’ bread and butter, and the band’s hilarious performance style is on full display in the music video for “You Make it Hard,” with Doug and Terri singing face-to-face on a satin-sheeted bed, surrounded by roses. Head to Rolling Stone to watch the clip.

“You Make it Hard” is from the Knights’ forthcoming debut album, The K is Silent. That project is due out on May 1, and features the single, “Pick Her Up,” a hard-driving duet with Travis Tritt.

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