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Zac Brown gets introspective in sweeping ‘Dream Sellin’’ music video

Diego Pernía

Diego PerníaA stark spotlight and a sweeping, birds’-eye view of snow-capped mountains set the tone for Zac Brown Band frontman Zac Brown’s new “Dream Sellin’” music video. The clip features pop musicians and producers Poo Bear and Sasha Sirota, who also appear in the song. 

The song is from Zac’s first-ever pop solo album, The Controversy, which came out in 2019 and will be re-released in 2020. The project, including “Dream Sellin’,” marks a bit of an experiment for the country-leaning star, who explores a dance-driven, electronic style with the album. 

Still, “Dream Sellin’” captures plenty of Zac’s trademark soul and emotion.

“‘Dream Sellin’’ is when someone sells a reality that’s less than real. This song is a reminder to everyone; don’t let people dreamsell you and don’t DS yourself,” the singer explains. “Especially now, in this time of uncertainty, don’t let misinformation get the best of you. Look out for yourself and your loved ones.”

In addition to his solo project, Zac also recently released a new album with ZBB called The Owl.

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